A lot of wedding professionals do styled shoots, sometimes with the goal of getting them published on a wedding blog, sometimes just for fun but there are 6 huge benefits of doing styled shoots that you may not have thought about.

6 Huge Benefits Of Doing A Styled Shoot

1. Styled shoots create beautiful portfolio images

Getting great portfolio images from a styled shoot is not just for new wedding businesses. When you do a wedding, you don’t have ultimate creative control, the couple does. When you do a styled shoot, you can showcase your work in the best possible way that you know will really appeal to your ideal clients. The images you get from doing a styled shoot are great to use on your website as well as on marketing materials (assuming you have permission from the photographer to do so).

2. Styled shoots give you a creative outlet

You got into this work because you love doing it and clients don’t always want what you want to create. Styled shoots can serve as a very productive creative outlet for you to create to your heart’s desire. You can get as elaborate or as minimalist as you want because you don’t have to focus on catering to the needs of a couple.

3. Styled shoots let you practice your craft

When was the last time you really pushed yourself to try something new in your business? Styled shoots can be a great way to challenge yourself & try something new before you actually do it at a wedding. If you’re a photographer, maybe you want to experiment with different lighting. If you’re a florist, maybe you want to create something that you know you wouldn’t get to create for a client. Styled shoots let you practice & try out new things.

4. Styled shoots are great for networking

When I interviewed J Sandifer he said something that really resonated with me, “Couples come and go but the industry will always be there”. Getting to know your fellow wedding professionals is both enjoyable and beneficial for your business. It’s a win-win!

Make sure you take the time to talk to your fellow vendors on the day of the shoot & make sure you stay in touch with them afterward using The Spotlight Technique. Find out who they love to work with so you know who to refer to them. Referrals are a 2-way street and if you can start by sending someone to them, they will remember and they will return the favor!

5. Styled shoots can get you great PR

If you haven’t noticed, wedding blogs love styled shoots. If you are planning a styled shoot with the goal of getting it published, you’ll love the training inside The Wedding Business Collective with Alexis Accomando.

She takes you through her process that she uses to manage her styled shoots & get them published on blogs like Style Me Pretty, Wedding Chicks & Ruffled and there’s even a workbook to help you plan out your next styled shoot! Get this course and over $4000 of others on different business and marketing topics for wedding professionals for a killer price at www.theweddingbusinesscollective.com.

One of our members, Esme Krahn of Bodamaestra, has used this training to get published on Ruffled (I’m so in love with this shoot!), Borrowed & Blue, and Emmaline Bride! If you want to create gorgeous styled shoots like this and get them published, click here to start your free trial to The Wedding Business Collective!

6. Styled shoots can attract clients

If your styled shoot is featured on a wedding blog, people are going to want to come over to your website and find out more about you. In our training session, Alexis Accomando said that she can trace some of her clients directly back to a styled shoot she did. Even if your goal isn’t to get your shoot featured on a blog, you can use the images to improve your brand on your site so that your ideal client identifies with you & wants to learn more about you. Images are very powerful – what are the images on your website telling your potential clients?

Styled shoots can do a LOT for you but, like anything, you have to know why you’re doing them. Have you done a styled shoot? What was your goal for that shoot?

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