When you’re a wedding professional your income can be very irregular and the typical financial advice you hear isn’t going to work. On top of that, self employed people often overlook things like retirement planning but no one else is going to do it for you so you’ve got to get started. That can be daunting but it can also be incredibly freeing and empowering. Today’s podcast is all about managing your money in your business and how to budget on an irregular income.

Today’s Guest: Carrie Smith

Evolve Your Wedding Business Podcast Episode #61: Managing Your Money  & Dealing With Irregular Income with Carrie Smith

Carrie Smith is a financial writer, budding artist and founder of carefulcents.com. She’s on a mission to help other creatives make a living from their craft and design a business around their lifestyle.


In this episode we’ll cover:

  • How to know when you’re ready to make the leap from day job to working in your business full time.
  • How to prepare for that leap financially.
  • The importance of having an emergency fund and how that fund can actually give you more creative freedom.
  • How mindset comes into play when building & growing a business.
  • How to budget with irregular income.
  • How to create a bare bones budget.
  • Why Carrie is such a huge fan of having different accounts for different goals.
  • How giving your money a purpose can really shift your mindset & how your manage your money.
  • The importance of tracking your time so you can see how much time you put in to make your money (this is really important for revisiting your prices).
  • How to get off of the freelance financial roller coaster.
  • Why fun money matters.
  • How to know if you should hire a bookkeeper and accountant.
  • What is more important – paying down debt or investing?
  • Why you need to know the why behind your goals.
  • How to plan for retirement as a self employed person.
  • How you can increase the cash flow in your business.
  • Why you just have to start when it comes to financial planning and learn as you go.

Link & Resources mentioned in this episode:

Your Self-Employment Mentality: The Real Reason You’re Not Making Money
How to Budget With Irregular Income When You’re Self-Employed
The Profit First Method

More from Carrie:

Website: www.carefulcents.com
Twitter: @carefulcents
Facebook: www.facebook.com/carefulcents
Instagram: www.instagram.com/carefulcents

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