Does keeping with social media overwhelm you? You’re not alone. This episode is different because I’m sharing a live 1 on 1 coaching recording from a call with a member of The Wedding Business Collective about how she can make being effective her social media easier to do and we talk about how to focus on what matters with social media.

In this podcast episode you’ll hear from Ashleigh Pritchard, a fantastic stationer and a member of The Wedding Business Collective.

Today’s Guest: Ashleigh Pritchard

Making Social Media Easier & More Effective With Ashleigh Pritchard

Ashleigh Pritchard is the stationery designer behind CharmCat. Ashleigh designs original, artistic wedding stationery. She doesn’t buy pre-made designs, she doesn’t work with wholesale designers, and she doesn’t buy clip art. Her design process is messy and beautiful because it involves real paint and paper and she creates not just stationery, but works of art.


In this episode we’ll cover:

  • How Ashleigh’s business runs smoothly thanks to her systems
  • How to make posting to social media a less overwhelming & daunting process
  • What to do when you feel like you’re being repetitive on social media
  • How to incorporate your personality into your social media
  • Dealing with feeling too promotional
  • Simple ways to give your social media cohesiveness
  • Simple strategies for keeping you focused on what exactly to post on social media and not thinking about all the things

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