What Google Analytics Can Do For Your Wedding Business

You’ve heard that you should be using Google Analytics, and maybe you’ve set it up on your website, but do you actually use it? I get it. When you log in, all the data in the world hits you and you don’t know what to do with it.

It’s daunting. It’s overwhelming. It kind of sucks.

I used to feel the same way about Google Analytics before I realized what it could do for me. Numbers and data are boring, but knowing how they impact your bottom line and what opportunities you have laid out before you, now that’s exciting. Here’s what Google Analytics can do for you and your business.

1. It can help you get more leads

So you know that people are coming to your site, but what’s happening to them? They aren’t becoming leads (at least not enough of them) so what’s going on here?

Google Analytics can show you what page a person was on when they left so you can improve it and lose less of those potential clients. On top of that, it can show you the path that person took to get to that page so you have an understanding of what information they had and didn’t have when they decided to leave. Maybe they weren’t the right type of client for you, or maybe it’s an issue with your website when they view it on mobile. The data that Google Analytics provides is telling you a story about the leads your website is leaking, but you have to know how to listen to and understand what it’s saying.

If you know what the problem is, or even if you can narrow it down to a few possibilities, you can make the changes necessary to get more of those website visitors to become leads. Bye bye leaking website!

2. It can help you focus

You spend your time doing a million different things as a wedding business owner, but do you know which of those things are driving your business forward? Do you know which of them bring you more leads and clients than the other?

Google Analytics knows 🙂

When you understand how to use Google Analytics to take meaningful action, you can log in, see what’s working, and focus on that. That gives you permission to do stop doing the things that aren’t working. If you’re spending your time on social media across Facebook, Pinterest, and Instagram, you need to know which of those platforms are getting you the best results so you can allocate your time accordingly.

Perhaps you notice that Facebook is driving the largest number of people to your site, but not many of them are becoming leads or clients. That’s a bummer. But then you might see that Pinterest isn’t driving a ton of traffic, but of the traffic it drives, a huge % of those people become leads. That is a gold mine of clients waiting for you to tap into them!

Just imagine what you could do if you channeled all of the time and energy you’re spending across 3 social media networks into getting really good at the one that’s generating the most of clients for you. You could multiply your results from that social media network while spending less time on the ones that aren’t working as well for you. That’s more time AND more clients, woo!

3. It can give you clarity, glorious clarity!

Running a wedding business is full of uncertainty. Do you advertise here or there?

Do you focus on this social media platform or that one?

Why are people coming to your website and not inquiring? Should you change something?

Are you getting your money’s worth on your advertising?

The truth is, a lot of wedding professionals are flying blind and they just kind of randomly make decisions about these things or try to avoid them altogether because they can be stressful choices. But these choices don’t have to be stressful, and you don’t have to fly blind.

You may not know it, but Google Analytics can give you the information you need to make all of these decisions with confidence. Maybe you have Google Analytics set up on your website, but do you know how to interpret the data and turn it into meaningful action that gets you more leads and clients?

If you don’t, you’re not alone!

In fact, a dirty little secret of the wedding business is that you’re in the majority. SO many people are just winging it on a hope and a prayer and you really don’t have to do that. But here’s the thing, all that data is worthless if you don’t know how to make sense of it and use it.

4. It can help you find hidden opportunities

Let’s say you’re a wedding planner and you have 2 blog posts in particular that you notice are always your most popular posts in Google Analytics. The first is a venue feature where you showcase a local venue that you love and that is perfect for your ideal client. The second is about how to plan a stress-free wedding and has all sorts of practical tips.

This information might seem like nothing special, but it’s giving you valuable information about your ideal clients. Since this content is performing so well, this is your cue to do more of it! It also tells you something about who your ideal client is and what their state of mind it. First, it tells you that they are still searching for a venue, and when you dig into Google Analytics, you may find that they found your venue blog post by searching for the venue itself. That’s an SEO win!

Secondly, it tells you that this person is looking for a way to have a wedding that is stress-free. That is an important value to them. That is something you may want to consider bringing into your brand so that you resonate with these people even more when they land on your website.

If you want to attract more people like this, double down on the “stress-free” messaging because it’s working. That means creating more blog posts that have to do with keeping things stress-free, dealing with complicated conversations and situations that may arise, and how your services can actually make their wedding far less stressful than it would be without you (See what I did there? Gotta make that connection!). This information is giving you ways to present your service as the answer to their problem and that my friend, is how you make sales.

5. It can make you money

Google Analytics isn’t just about getting you more traffic and more leads, it can help you get more clients and make more money as well. You can track the path people are taking through your site before they inquire and become a client. You can see which marketing platforms are your money-makers so that you can focus on making the most of them. It can show you where your website is leaking potential clients so that you can fix it and book more of the people who come to your website.

It’s hard to know what to do when the problem is something as broad as “I’m not getting enough clients” and Google Analytics can narrow it down for you so that you can actually take action instead of banging your head up against the wall trying everything in the world.

The answers are there, and they’re waiting for you inside Google Analytics. That’s why I’m co-hosting this Google Analytics for Wedding Professionals Workshop with SEO & Google Analytics expert Shea Bailey!

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