It can be difficult to think of wedding business marketing ideas so I’ve put together the motherlode for you. Take your pick of these 100 wedding business marketing ideas and put them to the test in your wedding business!

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100 Wedding Business Marketing Ideas

1. Create a marketing plan

This is #1 on this list of wedding business marketing ideas for a reason and it’s because it’s the important thing on this list. You could use the “spray and pray” technique where you blast your marketing to anyone with a pulse and a bank account. But here’s the thing…not only is this ineffective, but it also wastes your time and your money and it’s going to leave you feeling frustrated. To market your wedding business you need a marketing plan, but it’s not just going to be one of those random exercises you write out and put away in a drawer never to be seen again. Join us in The Wedding Business Collective to learn exactly how to create your marketing plan in the Create Your Overwhelm-Squashing Marketing Plan course.

2. Interview your best clients

If you want to attract more clients like your best clients you need to interview them so you can better understand them. Your ideal client is a whole person, not just a bride or a groom, and their values directly influence their consumer behavior. The key to marketing effectively is understanding those values that your ideal client holds and using them in your marketing. This book will guide you through the process of interviewing and cloning your best clients. This is one of my wedding business marketing ideas on the list because it gives you so much information that you can use in all of your marketing. You won’t have to guess how to reach your ideal client because they’ll tell you!

3. Do a styled shoot

Doing a styled shoot is a great way to get published on a wedding blog but there are a lot of other benefits to doing a styled shoot. Styled shoots can help you build up your portfolio, attract clients, and build relationships with vendors. This is one of the more collaborative wedding business marketing ideas on this list.

4. Exhibit at a wedding show

Wedding shows, bridal fairs, wedding expos, wedding fairs, no matter what you call them they can be lucrative for your business. If you decide to exhibit at a wedding fair, be sure to find the right one for you and create a strategy.

5. Write a guest post

Writing a guest post on a wedding blog or another vendor’s blog is a great way to get in front of a new audience and deliver value. This is one of the wedding business marketing ideas that can be great at getting in front of more of your ideal clients!

6. Be a podcast guest

Pitch yourself as a podcast guest to podcasts for your ideal client. You’ll be able to share helpful advice and listeners will be able to get to know you a bit from listening to you speak. As a podcast host, I can say it has definitely helped people get to know, like, and trust me before working with me.

7. Run a contest

Run a contest on social media to generate leads. I’ve had photographer clients who have run a contest for a free engagement shoot and offered those who didn’t win an additional bonus or discount if they decide to book with them anyway.

8. Run a promotion

When you think of wedding business marketing ideas you might not think of promotions but there are countless types of promotions you can run. Run a holiday promotion or a seasonal promotion. Run a promotion for a limited time package or a discount for certain dates. The options are limitless!

9. Improve your copy

Two very important things to help you stand out and attract your ideal clients are oft forgotten and neglected. Those two things are brand voice and copywriting. Work on improving your copy and you’ll see your conversion rates increase which means more bookings for you!

10. Send your past clients anniversary cards

Want to stay top of mind with past clients and encourage more referrals? Send your past clients anniversary card to remind them of how much they enjoyed working with you and wish them well. This is one of the simpler wedding business marketing ideas on the list but don’t let that downplay the significance of remembering and reaching out to your best clients.

11. Reach out to vendors to build new referral relationships

When was the last time you reached out to a vendor to build new relationships? Vendors can provide you with fantastic referrals and kinship so spending your time networking and building relationships are well worth it.

12. Run Facebook ads

Facebook ads can be incredibly profitable if you use them the right way but they do take some testing to get right. Start learning about them and testing them with this podcast episode.

13. Work on your SEO

Working on SEO is going to help you get found in search when couples are looking for vendors. There are some common SEO mistakes that wedding professionals make but you can avoid them and make SEO work for you.

14. Update your website with best images and testimonials

Does your website have your latest and greatest images and testimonials? It’s easy to forget to update these but they are often the first thing a couple sees when they land on your website. This is one of the easy peasy wedding business marketing ideas on this list that will only take you a few hours at most to do.

15. Request testimonials

Do you have testimonials from your best clients? Are you getting testimonials that sell for you? Testimonials are an important tool so be sure to keep collecting them even if you already feel like you have enough. You can never have too many people singing your praises.

16. Schedule posts for Instagram

Do you find yourself stressing out about what to post on Instagram and throwing something out there just to keep it active? Take the time to schedule your Instagram posts ahead of time so you market consistently and don’t have to worry about what to post today.

17. Write valuable blog posts

Blog posts that contain valuable information are excellent for attracting clients, improving your SEO, and helping you stand out from your competitors who are only talking about themselves. Aim to help and educate with each blog post. I’ve got 37 blog post ideas for you right here.

18. Create a promotion to bring back past clients

Do you have a way you can work with past clients? If you’re a photographer, this could be family photography. If you’re a stationer, it could be holiday and thank you cards. Think about what you can do to work with past clients because selling to someone who has already worked with you is MUCH easier than selling to someone new. In terms of wedding business marketing ideas, this is a low-hanging fruit task because it’s sitting right in front of you ripe for the picking.

19. Get on a preferred vendor list

Connect with a venue and find a way to provide value. If you’re a photographer, you can offer to shoot the venue so they have some new photos for their website. Foster that personal relationship and then make the ask. A venue will only add you to their preferred vendor list if they like and trust you so you have to establish that first.

20. Create & promote a lead magnet

A lead magnet is simply something you give away in exchange for the subscriber’s email address. All lead magnets should be easy to consume within 15 minutes and provide a quick win. Don’t write a 50-page ebook. It’ll just sit on their desktop and it won’t help you make sales.

21. Work on your Pinterest marketing

Pinterest isn’t just for brides looking for wedding inspiration. It can be a significant source of traffic and those website visitors can turn into more leads and bookings.

22. Host an event

Have you ever considered hosting an event for potential clients or vendor partners? It can be a great way to bring potential clients to you or improve your relationships with your fellow vendors.

23. Double down on something that’s working for you

You don’t have to always be doing something new to market your business. Double down on something that is already working for you by dedicating more time, effort, or money to it. Try to maintain a combination of doubling down on what works and trying one or two of these wedding business marketing ideas.

24. Run a Facebook ad targeting people who have visited your website

Potential clients visit your website every day and wind up leaving. You can run a Facebook ad targeting those people to bring them back to your website and into your pipeline. This is one of the wedding business marketing ideas that require more planning and strategizing but the Facebook ads course inside The Wedding Business Collective can help you with that!

25. Run an ad or sponsored post on a local wedding blog that targets your ideal client

Does your ideal client read a particular wedding blog? Run an ad or write a sponsored post for a local wedding blog to get in front of them and showcase your expertise. The key to any of these wedding business marketing ideas that include advertising is to only advertise where your ideal client will see you.

26. Improve your lead systems

How many leads are slipping through your fingers because you don’t have an optimized system for collecting and follow up with leads? By patching this leak in your pipeline you can turn more of your leads into clients. This may not be one of the sexiest wedding business marketing ideas in the world but it gets serious results.

26. Plan out and improve your client journey

Most wedding professionals are focused on getting new clients, but what happens when you book those clients? Are you wow-ing the pants off of them so they love and refer you? Work on developing a client journey that delivers an amazing experience every step of the way. This is one of the lesser-known wedding business marketing ideas but it can create some really amazing results.

27. Change your packages & pricing

Do you have a high-level offer among your packages? It may be time to create one. Is it time to raise your prices? Take time to revisit your packages and pricing and think about how you can tweak and improve them. You may think “what do my packages have to do with wedding business marketing ideas?” and the answer is EVERYTHING! What you’re marketing has a huge impact on how you market it.

28. Co-create a lead magnet with your favorite vendors

In a podcast I did with Dan Waters, he walked through a process of co-creating a lead magnet with his favorite vendors. By joining forces, he was able to reach more potential clients and improve relationships with his favorite vendors. I don’t know about you, but I love when I can join forces with friends to execute one of these wedding business marketing ideas.

29. Land PR coverage

Most wedding professionals miss out on a lot of press opportunities because they think they have to either have their products featured or have a styled shoot featured. Good news, that is not the only way to get featured by the media! There are plenty of ways to get your wedding business featured in the press. This is one of the most overlooked wedding business marketing ideas and it’s easier than you might think.

30. Do Facebook Live videos

You can use Facebook Live to show your audience what’s happening behind the scenes or educate them by answering some of the most common questions you get. This is one of those wedding business marketing ideas that get better and better results as you continue to do it.

31. Create helpful YouTube videos

YouTube is the 2nd largest search engine, second only to Google. When you create helpful YouTube videos that address something your ideal client would be searching for you can attract them and bring them back to your website.

32. Clearly set your business apart from the competition

If you want to stand out in a crowded market, you need to understand who your competitors are and why someone would choose to work with them over you. You’ll need to do a simple competitive analysis where you’ll examine who your competitors are, who they’re marketing to, and how they’re marketing. We go more in depth into this inside the How To Squash Overwhelm With A Marketing Plan course so click here to get access!

33. Create an infographic for Pinterest

Infographics have always been popular on Pinterest. They get repinned over and over again and they drive traffic back to your website. You can create a simple infographic using a tool like Canva. If you enjoy graphic design this is going to be one of your favorite wedding business marketing ideas on the list.

34. Optimize the images on your website

Google is like your image-blind friend. It doesn’t see all of those beautiful images on your site and it doesn’t know what is in them. The file name, alt text and description for each image on your site tells Google what it is. If you aren’t optimizing your images with keywords, it’s going to hurt your SEO.

35. Refine your brand

Branding isn’t just for massive companies. Developing and refining your brand is exactly what you need to do in order to set yourself apart from you competition, become the go-to person for your ideal client, and be able to command higher prices despite what others are charging.

36. Get more time to market by using tools

If you’re not using a tool like Aisle Planner or HoneyBook to manage your business, you’re probably wasting a lot of time. Get some of that time back and use it to market and bring in more clients by being more efficient and using tools.

37. Create an add-on item for your packages

Wedding business marketing ideas should help you attract more clients and also sell more. There are all sorts of things you can sell as an add-on item to your existing packages to make each client more profitable for you. One stationer I work with paints custom maps which is a great add-on to sell to someone coming to her for invitations. If you’re a photographer, you could offer an album or canvas print as your add-on item.

38. Develop an additional revenue stream

Most wedding professionals purely exchange time for money but there are other sorts of revenue streams you can add to your business. One officiant I know has a training for couples who want to have a friend or family member officiate their wedding. This passive income product sells to a customer that would never hire her as an officiant. Are you a florist or stationer? Host a workshop teaching people to create a flower arrangement or write calligraphy!

39. Ask your existing clients where they looked for their vendors and where they found you

If you can figure out where your existing clients look for their vendors you can determine which marketing activities are most worth your time. If you advertise on a blog and none of them look at blogs, it doesn’t make sense to continue doing that. This may sound like a no-brainer but of all of these wedding business marketing ideas I’d be willing to bet that this is one of the more underutilized ones.

40. Develop a follow-up process for leads who haven’t responded

Do you have a defined process following up with leads who haven’t responded to you yet? Spend time writing out these emails so you can quickly customize them and send them promptly. This is one of those wedding business marketing ideas that can result in some quick wins because it allows you to pick the low-hanging fruit in your business.

41. Utilize price anchoring

An anchor price is the price customers use as a basis of comparison when shopping. Price anchoring can be used to steer potential clients toward a particular package and you’ve probably seen companies use it to make their product seem like a bargain compared to other options.

42. Communicate your value on your website

What are you really selling? If you’re a wedding planner, you’re not selling wedding planning, you’re selling peace of mind, not having to deal with the planning process, and relaxation. Are you clearly communicating the benefit of what you sell?

43. Communicate your value when dealing with a lead

Listen to your leads and ask them questions. What matters most to them? That way you can craft responses that highlight how what you offer is uniquely suited to them and you can show instead of telling with testimonials and client stories that highlight the things that matter most to them.

44. Add calls-to-action on your website

When someone has finished reading a blog post or your about page, what should they do next? Give them a direct call to action and a button or link they can click on to take the action you want them to take. This greatly increases the likelihood that they’ll actually take that action. Some wedding business marketing ideas are quick and easy like this one!

45. Think through how you want to lead someone through your website and look at where they’re leaving

Do you know how people are using your website? Are they moving through it as you intended or are they leaving before they even get to your packages page? Check your Google Analytics to find out!

46. Test WeddingWire & The Knot

A lot of wedding professionals ask me if they should be on WeddingWire or The Knot and the answer is, “It depends”. Is your ideal client looking on these platforms? If they are, it’s worth testing them to see if it leads to more bookings for you. Not all wedding business marketing ideas work well for all wedding professionals, and that’s okay.

47. Get to know your numbers

How many people need to land on your website for you to get an inquiry? How many inquiries do you need to book a client? Knowing these numbers can help you figure out exactly what areas you need to focus on in your business and what you can afford to spend on ads. This will help you determine which wedding business marketing ideas work best for you too.

48. Work on your mindset

This may not sound like it belongs in a list of wedding business marketing ideas but your mindset impacts your wedding business more than you might think. In fact, your mindset impacts every part of your life but you have the ability to change them. From fear of failure to imposter syndrome, these mindsets hold you back unless you know how to deal with them. Working on your mindset is going to make you a better entrepreneur and more likely to succeed.

49. Repurpose existing content

Do you already have blog posts or videos that you could repurpose? You could turn a blog post into a downloadable checklist to get email subscribers or turn it into an infographic to share on Pinterest. Your content can be used in several different ways without having to write entirely new content from scratch. Not all wedding business marketing ideas require you to create something new!

Don’t want to read through all of the wedding business marketing ideas all right now? Download all 100 wedding business marketing ideas as a PDF by clicking the button below!

50. Advertise on Pinterest

Pinterest can be an excellent source of website traffic and you can convert a pin that’s working for you into a promoted pin so that you can reach even more people with it. Give it a try and see if it works well for your business!

51. Make sure your website is mobile-friendly

In 2017, mobile users accounted for over 52% of total online traffic. If your website isn’t mobile-friendly, you’re going to miss out on all of that traffic because those people are not going to bother with a website that doesn’t work well on their phones.

52. Refer a client to someone

If you want people to refer clients to you, refer clients to them. This will remind them of you and they’ll feel grateful which makes it more likely they’ll want to return the favor. Wedding business marketing ideas that focus more on giving help you and the person you’re giving to. Plus you’ll feel good!

53. Review venues and vendors you’ve worked with

You know that reviews matter a lot to your business, so why not review venues and vendors you’ve worked with? They’ll appreciate the gesture and they’ll be more likely to refer you in the future. This podcast about getting referrals from wedding planners has all sorts of other referral-generating wedding business marketing ideas for you.

54. Join and engage in relevant Facebook groups in a non-spammy way

Are there relevant Facebook groups that cater to your ideal client? Join them and look for ways to add value. This mindset will help steer you away from spammy activities that turn off everyone. All wedding business marketing ideas require authentic, valuable communication.

55. Use tools to stay consistent with your social media profiles

Consistency is important when it comes to marketing but keeping your social media profiles up to date can be overwhelming and time-consuming. Instead of stressing about what you’re going to post today, use tools like Smarterqueue or Tailwind to schedule posts and stay consistent.

56. Actually be social on social media, especially Instagram

It’s easy to forget that social media is supposed to be social, not promotional. Set aside a few minutes per day to actually be social on social media by commenting, asking questions, and responding to those who comment on your posts. Instagram can be very powerful when you take time to be social on it instead of just posting your posts and leaving.

57. Focus on 2-3 channels

You don’t have to use all of the marketing channels, platforms, and tactics. In fact, it’s a bad idea to try to be everywhere because you won’t be able to focus and you won’t master anything. Choose 2-3 platforms and focus on those for the time being. Don’t let these wedding business marketing ideas overwhelm you!

58. Make a 90 day plan

Wedding business marketing ideas are great but how do you put them in action? Instead of trying to plan for the entire year, make a 90-day plan instead. This will allow you to break down your goals into actionable steps that need to get done on a monthly, weekly, and daily basis. You’ll accomplish more and feel less overwhelmed by using a 90-day plan and you’ll be able to implement these wedding business marketing ideas.

59. Measure what works and what doesn’t work

You’re marketing your business but do you know what’s working and what isn’t working? When you take time to measure what works and what doesn’t you know what you can stop doing and what you should do more of. This makes your marketing SO much easier! Test these wedding business marketing ideas and see what works for you and what doesn’t keeping in mind that you’re 100% allowed to stop doing what doesn’t work for you.

60. Participate in local networking events

Chances are there is some sort of local networking event that you can attend in your area. Whether you decide to attend Rising Tide Society TuesdaysTogether meetings, an association meeting like WIPA or ABC, or an independently organized meetup you can get out of your house or office and get to know your fellow vendors. These events are great for building relationships with other vendors and learning from them in the process. If there isn’t a networking event like this in your area, start one!

61. Research your competition and how they’re marketing

In order to set yourself apart, you have to understand your competition. Look at how they’re marketing, what messaging and copy they’re using, and who they’re marketing to. How can zig where they’re zagging so you set yourself apart? Which wedding business marketing ideas will help you do that?

62. Improve your messaging

Who are you the go-to person for? How do you describe what you do and how you serve your clients? If this sound too similar to your competitors, you need to make some changes. Improving your messaging helps your ideal clients find you and see you as different from those you’re competing against. Your messaging will be used in all of the other wedding business marketing ideas listed here.

63. Batch your marketing

A lot of wedding professionals ask how they’re supposed to keep their social media and blog up to date when they’re in the midst of their busy season. The answer is easy – you don’t market in the moment. Plan out your marketing in advance so you can batch the creation of your blog posts and social media posts, schedule them, and move on with your day. This method isn’t just for dealing with your busy season. Batching can help you be more productive because you don’t waste time switching between tasks.

64. Examine the ROI of your marketing tasks

This is one of the most powerful wedding business marketing ideas out there. ROI stands for return on investment. You’re doing all sorts of different marketing tasks but which ones are yielding the best return on your investment of time, effort, or money? Do more of the high ROI tasks and don’t bother with the low ROI ones.

65. Protect your website

Your website is your home on the web. It’s the only place online that you actually own and can full control and it’s the way clients learn about who you are and what you have to offer. If you’re not regularly backing your website up, you risk losing this incredibly important asset. Use a tool like Vaultpress to automatically back up your website so you never have to worry about it. Vaultpress has saved my ass on more than one occasion and I am eternally grateful that it was able to quickly restore my website.

66. Plan out your marketing ahead of time

I already covered batching your marketing but when you plan ahead you can plot out specific campaigns ahead of time. For instance, what service or product will you be promoting in November? What about April? Do you need to use different language due to the time of year? Plan this out in advance so you know what’s coming. This will help you put these wedding business marketing ideas to use!

67. Share behind the scenes with more Instagram stories

Instagram stories are an amazing feature but you may be under-utilizing them. Share some behind the scenes stories to show what your work is like. If you’re a venue, share some stories that show how you get the venue set up so people can see the before and after. If you’re a stationer, share stories of you creating your stationery.

68. Try running an Instagram ad

Instagram can be a powerful tool for wedding professionals and you can run ads on it just like you can with Facebook. Try running an Instagram ad and base it on what you see works for you in your Instagram insights. The tracking available for Facebook ads and Instagram ads means you can see what’s working and what’s not working very clearly.

69. Create an email autoresponder

An email autoresponder warms people up to you, positions you as the expert and presents your product or service as the clear solution to their problem. Instead of them going to your website and never coming back, they go to your website, sign up to your email list, and get this autoresponder email series that takes them step by step through smashing their objections, teaching them about the value you provide and positioning you as the best choice for them. Oh, and it does it on autopilot. I can’t emphasize that enough. Your email marketing efforts are doing a large part of the selling for you – automatically. That’s why it’s one of my favorite wedding business marketing ideas! When you join The Wedding Business Collective you’ll get access to the Selling With Email Marketing course that comes with a 7 email autoresponder you can take and tweak to fit your business.

70. Gather testimonials from recent clients

Have you asked all of your most recent clients for testimonials and reviews? You can never have enough testimonials and reviews and when you ask for them in the right way, you can get testimonials that sell for you.

71. Add social proof to your website

Have you had styled shoots featured on blogs or in magazines? Showcase those logos proudly in an “As Seen On” box on your site! Those logos provide social proof. Social proof is a psychological phenomenon we all experience when we see that someone is trusted by others and you begin to trust them too. It’s sort of the positive version of guilt by association. Your testimonials play a HUGE role in this but not just any testimonial will do the trick. I see a lot of bland testimonials that say things like “She was great!” or “We’re so happy we worked with you”. That only gives you a tiny piece of the story. If you want your testimonials to help you make more sales they have to describe the experience of the customer before, during and after working with you. You have to tell their story, their full story.

72. Create graphics from testimonials and post them on social media

You have all of these juicy testimonials on your website but what if someone hasn’t been to your website yet? You can create graphics featuring quotes from those testimonials and post them on social media to demonstrate social proof on your various social media profiles. Not all wedding business marketing ideas need to be complicated!

73. Shift the focus away from price alone

Saying that all couples care about is price isn’t just wrong, it’s an excuse that is preventing you from improving your business. If you can blame those silly people who only care about price, it’s not your fault. Price is a factor, but it’s not the determining factor. What people REALLY care about is value, and it’s your job to communicate the value of what you have to offer. You have to connect the dots between what you offer and what they care about. When you blame your inability to communicate value on your customer, it’s going to prevent you from getting any better at it and it’s going make you defensive and bitter. You may think wedding business marketing ideas are all about getting people to your website but if they don’t see value when they get there, what’s the point?

74. Ask questions on social media

If you want people to engage with you on social media, ask them questions. Everyone has an opinion and if you ask them about it they will be happy to share it with you so take advantage of that!

75. Look for ways to optimize your website pages/posts

When it comes to wedding business marketing ideas I love to focusing on improving what you already have before doing new things. In order to see which of your pages/posts are bringing in the most traffic, dig into your Google Analytics. If you don’t have Google Analytics set up on your site, or if you just want to learn more about how to get more valuable info out of it, this is for you. Within Google Analytics, you can see which pages/posts have had the highest number of visits for any period of time. I like to set the date range for the past year to get a good idea of what is consistently popular. Look at your top 10 pages/posts and ask yourself these questions:

  • Could you add a clearer call to action to these pages/posts?
  • Could you add an email opt-in to these pages/posts so that you can continue to market to this visitor via email marketing?
  • If it’s a blog post, the topic clearly resonated. What content could you create that would likely be popular based on what you already have?
  • If it’s page, could you improve the copy?
  • Could you optimize the images for SEO so that you rank higher in Google for the topic?
  • Could you add any internal links to improve your SEO?
  • Are there any hidden opportunities within your Google Analytics that you may be missing?

76. Write a blog post about a question you wish more people would ask

There are frequently asked questions and then there are questions you wish people would ask more frequently. Many of your potential clients don’t know what they should ask to write a post answering a question that you wish more people would ask and explain why it’s so important. Wedding business marketing ideas that educate are incredibly helpful to your potential clients.

77. Tell a client’s story in a blog post

Wedding business marketing ideas aren’t just about promoting your business, they’re also about selling the result. Tell your client’s story but do it in a way that makes it something that a potential client can learn from. For example, don’t just show that a couple incorporated certain things into their wedding, tell the reader how and why they decided to do this and what they should do if they’re considering doing something similar.

78. Write a blog post about what to ask before hiring someone who does what you do

Most couples are new to this whole hiring people to work on their wedding thing and they could use some help. Tell them what to ask (and what people often forget to ask) before hiring you or someone who does what you do. If you want to take it one step further create a downloadable checklist for them to take to consults! Wedding business marketing ideas like this help you get on their radar early in their search.

79. Interview a client for your blog

Nothing gives you credibility like someone who was in the exact position your potential client is in singing your praises. To use this wedding business marketing ideas you can interview your client in video, audio or text format. Make sure you include photos from their wedding!

80. Re-share your content on social media

When was the last time you re-posted an older blog post or other piece of content on social media? If it’s the kind of post that is evergreen and not time-sensitive, share it again! Most of your followers didn’t see it the first time and no one minds being reminded of something helpful.

81. Tag your clients and fellow vendors in social media posts

When you post a photo of a wedding on Instagram do you tag your clients and your fellow vendors? Most people forget to do this and it can make a big difference in the reach of a particular post. Plus, your fellow vendors will be happy that you credited them and may re-share the post to their followers!

82. Tag the location when you post a wedding on Instagram

When you post a photo of a wedding you worked on be sure to use the location tagging feature to tag the venue. That way, when couples are looking up that venue on Instagram, your photo will show up!

83. Provide value to your fellow vendors to build relationships

Everybody wants referrals from other vendors but you have to give to get. Look for opportunities to provide value to your fellow vendors. You could organize a styled shoot or offer to shoot some new headshots for a fellow vendor. Looks for wedding business marketing ideas that provide value and you will stand out.

84. Incentivize referrals with a referral program

A referral program can be as simple as a refer a friend program set up to thank your previous clients for their love and support. You could offer them a free product or send them a thank you card with an Amazon or Starbucks gift card. It doesn’t have to be complex but it does show that you value your clients’ support and are happy to thank them for the new business.

85. Post about a specific date you have available on social media due to a cancellation or not having it booked despite other dates booking up

Do you have 1 Saturday left in July available? Did one of your weddings cancel and you want to put the date back out there? Post about that on social media letting people know that this date is available and what to do if they’d like it before someone else gets it.

86. Research relevant hashtags on Instagram

Instagram hashtags are one of the best ways to grow your Instagram account. Using the right hashtags helps expose your post (and your brand) to a larger and more targeted audience. Hashtags are incredibly important for search on Instagram so you want to make sure you’re showing up under the hashtags your ideal clients are searching for. When it comes to choosing your Instagram hashtags, there are some steps you’ll definitely want to take to make sure you’re being as strategic as possible and you can see all of them in this post.

87. Create an Instagram landing page on your website

You only get 1 link on Instagram so why waste it on your homepage? Send people to an Instagram-specific landing page where they can easily choose whether they want to read your latest blog post, send an inquiry, review your packages and anything else that’s relevant to your business. There are many wedding business marketing ideas specific to Instagram but they all wind up sending people to that 1 link.

88. Share content from other vendors

You aren’t the only one creating content for your ideal client. Share content from other vendors that you know and love! This puts less of a burden on you to create new content and you get to support your vendor friends in the process.

89. Pin your blog posts to drive traffic to them

Make sure each of your blogs posts has a Pinterest-sized image that makes it clear what the post is about. Pin your blog post to your boards and to group boards to drive traffic to your blog posts from Pinterest. You can automate this process with Tailwind so it’ll take far less time and you’ll still get the benefits of promoting your content on Pinterest.

90. Join & pin to group boards on Pinterest

A group board is just like a regular Pinterest board but the owner can invite collaborators to pin the board as well. Group boards tend to be very big and have a large number of followers so when you pin to them, all of those followers see that new pin in their feed. Tailwind have put together a great post on how to find and join Pinterest group boards.

91. Write a guest post on a non-wedding website that targets your ideal client

When you know who your ideal client is as a person, you can use wedding business marketing ideas that go beyond wedding-focused website and media to reach them. If you target adventurous couples who love to travel you could write a guest post for a travel blog about how to incorporate that adventurous spirit into a destination wedding.

92. Invest in business & marketing education to improve

When you invest in your business and marketing education, you become a better and more effective business owner. You do not have to go it alone. This path has been forged and other people have lessons they can share with you if you’re open to receiving them. Investing in your business and marketing education helps you take a shortcut instead of spending months or years trying to figure it all out. Wedding business marketing ideas are great but this education will help you better implement them.

93. Update your website with photos that speak to your ideal client

Your ideal client might be different than it was when you built your website and that means that the photos on your website are probably not aligned with who your ideal client is. Update your website with photos that really speak to your ideal client so they know you’re right for them. Wedding business marketing ideas like this one only take a few hours to implement at most.

94. Put yourself forward for an award

There are all sorts of awards available to you but you have to put yourself forward for them. You may need to nominate yourself, have someone else nominate you, or gather a certain number of reviews. Winning one of these awards provides your business with additional social proof that you can show off on your website to set yourself apart and build trust.

95. Run a value-add promotion

When most people think about a promotion they think of running a discount-based sale. That isn’t the only way to run a promotion! A value-add promotion is the opposite of discount. Instead of taking money off, you add something on top as a bonus if someone books by a certain date. This is a great way to add value and get people to take action without discounting.

95. Run a JV promotion

JV stands for joint venture and that means that you’re teaming up with someone else on this promotion. You might decide to co-create a product or service with a fellow vendor and run a promotion where you’re both promoting to your collective audience. How could you team up with a fellow vendor to create a joint venture promotion? Collaborative wedding business marketing ideas can be a lot of fun!

96. Run a price increase promotion

When you increase your prices, you can run a price increase promotion where you give people a deadline to book you at your existing prices. This works really well because it gets people off of the fence. No one likes to lose out on a better price so this is one of the wedding business marketing ideas that is both a great way to raise your price and book additional clients.

97. Create a relationship marketing strategy to stay on top-of-mind of your referral partners

Do you have a strategy for getting more referrals? Do you know exactly what steps you need to take with each vendor you know, vendor you want to know, and previous client so that they’re more likely to send you referrals? It can be confusing and daunting, I get it. But I promise you, you can make a super simple process to follow up with vendor partners and stay top-of-mind with them. Want to steal my process for doing this? Click here to join The Wedding Business Collective and get my referral system.

98. Put the focus on your potential client, not on you

The most powerful marketing and sales lesson I could ever teach you is this – nobody cares about you. Now I’m not trying to be a dick, there is a valuable lesson here so stick with me. The biggest mistake that people make in their marketing is talking only about themselves and how awesome their business is. Whether we like to admit it or not we are selfish creatures and we only care about ourselves. That means you need to tell people what you can do for them instead of talking about yourself. This simple mindset shift and a better understanding of human behavior are going to help you SO much in business. When you apply these wedding business marketing ideas make it about them, not you.

99. Figure out what to focus on right now

Depending on where you are in your business, there are certain things that you should be focusing on. There are 50 million things you could be doing, but what should you be doing? This quiz will answer that question for you.

100. Get some accountability to follow through with your marketing plan

How many times have you said “I’m going to do that” and didn’t do the thing you said you were going to? It just kind of fell off your to-do list and was never to be seen or heard from again. Sound familiar? You’re not alone! When you’re running a wedding business, there’s no shortage of wedding business marketing ideas. I bet you come up with great ideas all of the time! What’s less common, is actually taking action on those ideas to bring you closer to your goals. Maybe that’s because you got distracted, clients took up too much time, or you’re just not sure how to execute on your ideas so they get shelved. No matter why you didn’t take action, its something that having some accountability can help. You can find an accountability partner on your own or you can join us inside The Wedding Business Collective and work with me or a partner to keep you on track.

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Whew! That’s 100 wedding business marketing ideas you can take and use in your wedding business right now. Which wedding business marketing ideas will you try?

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