What To Post On Instagram For Your Wedding Business

Instagram is a fantastic marketing tool for wedding professionals but as with any social network, sometimes you’re not sure what to post. I’ve rounded up all sorts of Instagram inspiration for you and broken them up into 9 different categories so you’ll never have to wonder what to post on Instagram again!

Note: Click here to download the Instagram post guide full of visual inspiration for you!

#1 Behind The Scenes

What does it look like behind the scenes of your business? You may think no one cares but people love seeing that stuff! Show them a peek behind the curtain and inject your personality into it. After all, people hire people they know, like and trust and how can the feel like they know, like and trust you if they don’t get the opportunity to see you for who you are?


Everyone loves a good quote and they work SO well on social media. Share quotes that you know appeal to your ideal client and you’ll be surprised how many people double tap them!

#3 Client Features

Social media isn’t all about you, it’s about your potential clients and your existing clients too! By posting photos with your clients, of your clients or sharing something that they posted you allow your potential clients to see who you work with and see if they’re a good fit for you. Plus it’s a great way to promote your work in an indirect, less in-your-face way.

In this podcast episode, Marie Burns Holzer talks about how she books 2-3 weddings from Instagram each month without running ads and a lot of her posts are client features.

#4 Content Promotion

If you’re writing blog posts, publishing podcasts or videos, offering an opt in of some kind or creating any sort of content you have to promote it and Instagram is a great place to do it! Be sure to put the link to that content in your bio and tell people to click it. Bonus tip: Use a link shortener like Bit.ly so that you can track the clicks!

#5 Funny Posts

You probably already know how great funny Instagram posts. Who doesn’t love to laugh? If you can make people laugh and have it pertain to your business or the industry as a whole, that’s a win-win.

#6 Engagement Boosters

These posts are fun because they exist to engage your followers and to get them to participate by commenting, tagging someone or sharing the post.

#7 Statistics/Facts

Our industry has SO many interesting statistics & facts. Some of those facts are “Did you know” type posts focused on things like the way different cultures approach weddings or the long history of weddings that we have to draw upon. Statistics are interesting and help your ideal client understand the industry better. There are countless infographics laying out stats about the wedding industry and you can always make your own!

#8 Quick Tips

Quick Tip posts are different from Content Promotion posts because they deliver the value directly in the post. They’re quick, easy to digest and take action on and help your ideal client.

#9 Contests/Competitions/Giveaways

You don’t have to look for long on Instagram before you find some kind of contest or competition. They can be a great way to expand your reach beyond your existing followers. You can direct people to comment and choose a winner from the commenters or direct them to a particular page to enter.

If you’re a visual person like me and like to see examples of posts that fit into these categories, you’re in luck. I’ve compiled 36 different examples of posts to inspire you. Just click the button below to download them!

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